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Iosco County 
Community Information

About Iosco County

Iosco County is located on the Sunrise Side of Michigan (the shores of Lake Huron) in North East Michigan. According to the United States Census Bureau, Iosco County has an area of 1,890 square miles of which 549 square miles is land and 1,341 square miles is water.  Travel through Iosco County and you will find beautiful lighthouses, miles of beaches, plentiful walking trails and a welcoming community. 

Iosco  County is experiencing a shortage of available child care. In March 2023, First Children’s Finance conducted a child care need assessment that showed an approximate shortage of 759 child care slots. Child care shortages make it difficult for employers to operate at full staffing capacities because families must either cut back on the hours they work or opt out of the workforce altogether to care for their children. To support workforce development, retention, and economic growth, Iosco  County is participating in the Rural Child Care Innovation Program to explore and implement local and right-sized solutions to address the child care need being experienced in the region.

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