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Community Information

About City of Park Rapids

Park Rapids is located in northwestern Minnesota near Itasca State Park which is the gateway to the Headwaters of the Mississippi River, and the beginning of the Heartland State Trail.   Park Rapids was formed on the banks of the shimmering rapids, in a stand of pine trees that formed the city's name. True to its heart, it is a city whose people keep it vibrant, thriving, and authentically welcoming. The 2022 census reported 4,269 residents living in Park Rapids. 

Childcare has become an economic development issue throughout the County.  Employers are struggling to attract and retain workers due to the shortage of affordable child care options and the lack of affordable child care prevents parents from entering the workforce to fill vacant positions.  The City of Park Rapids is participating in the Rural Child Care Innovative Program to focus efforts on creating local and right-sized solutions that sustain and increase the supply of child care too further support workforce development, strengthen their economy.


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