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Community Information

About Alexandria Area

Alexandria, located in the heart of West Central Minnesota, has breathtaking clear blue lakes, serene countryside, and a rapidly growing community. Hard-working residents, close-knit communities, and scenic countryside are some of the area’s unique characteristics. The 2021 census reported 13,705 residents living in Alexandria. The rapidly expanding community has created an innovative future where businesses, industries, and services flourish. The thriving industries include a strong educational system, cutting-edge healthcare access, and a focus on arts and entertainment, unique shopping, and fine dining experiences. All these features make Alexandria a strong draw for residents and visitors alike.


The Alexandria area is experiencing a shortage of available child care. In August 2022, First Children’s Finance conducted a child care need assessment that showed an approximate shortage of 362 child care slots. Without adequate and affordable child care options, families are faced with financial barriers and are experiencing difficulties being fully engaged in the workforce. Similarly, employers are unable to fill job vacancies leaving a significant supply-demand gap that ripples through the entire community. The Alexandria area is participating in the Rural Child Care Innovative Program to help bridge that gap by focusing efforts to create local and right-sized solutions that sustain and add additional child care options for families.


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